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a)Membrane desalination technology is currently recognized as the most advanced desalination technology in the industry, without heating treatment, low energy consumption and environmental protection.

b)The core components are standardized products, and the system parameters can be easily optimized by computer.

c)The equipment is simple to operate, and can realize unattended operation.

d)System debugging and operation convenience and efficient.

e)The water quality is high and stable, and meets the standards.



Ultrafiltration Pretreatment: ultrafiltration is the pretreatment for reverse osmosis, and the effluent quality is better and more stable. Backwash energy recovery low pressure reverse osmosis concentrated water online backwash, the effect is obvious and stable operation.

Reverse osmosis device uses high-pressure membrane pressure vessel, dual-phase steel pipe and LG Nano seawater membrane, which has patented nanotechnology, assembly, is more efficient and economical.