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  • 2017.07.14
    China's first large-scale treatment of landfill leachate by FO membrane treatment The world's largest FO handling landfill leachate project Daily handling capacity: 300 tons The recovery rate of th...
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  • 2017.05.16
    This project is based on the government's treatment process for plating enterprises to meet the discharge standards and achieve maximum reuse rate, which provides effective help for enterprises to pro...
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  • 2017.12.18
    In a chemical plant in Hubei Province, low concentration organic original waste liquor is produced in the production process, which is distilled water containing low concentration products. Convention...
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  • 2017.12.15
    Processing water quantity: After 8 hours of treatment, the salt is divided into 11%. 15% ammonium sulfate solution is initially added in the middle compartment as the receiving liquid to receive the s...
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